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Power Pack = Pro Glyco CPX & Power+

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Perform Harder, Recover Faster!

Get the most out of your performance with our power pack bundle.

Pro Glyco-CPX is a whey protein isolate and dextrose blend that accelerates muscle recovery and muscle build. When consumed post workout, protein and dextrose (simple sugar) helps you to recover optimally by replenishing glycogen levels, provides you with energy to get the most out of your workout and prepares your body for the next session.

Consume Pro Glyco-CPX immediately after moderate to intense training/exercise. Add 1 scoop to 300/400ml of water or milk. 

Benefits of Pro Glyco-CPX

  • Contains 27G protein, 22.8G carbs, 5G BCAAs
  • Whey protein isolate and dextrose blend
  • Accelerated muscle recovery and muscle build
  • Fast absorbing
  • Added L-glutamine for optimal protein synthesis
  • Provides energy for moderate to intense exercise
  • Great taste
  • Suitable for vegetarians 


    Power+ is a pre-workout that enhances endurance, mental focus, gives you an energy boost and reduces muscular fatigue. Ideal for exercise, sports or activities that require high energy, motivation and increased mental edge.

    Mix 1 scoop with 250-500ml of water 30 minutes before exercise.

    Benefits of Power+

    • Contains 150g caffeine, 45kcal per serving, 300mcg vitamin C, 200mcg Folic acid, 1000mg L-Arginine, 1000g Beta Alanine
    • Provides an energy boost for workouts and activities
    • Enhances performance levels
    • Increases mental focus and concentration
    • Increases motivation
    • Increases healthy red blood cells (Folic acid)
    • Reduces lactic acid build up, enhances muscular endurance and aids lean-mass gain (Beta Alanine)
    • Suitable for Vegetarians