Why Eating Sugar After Workout Is The Best Idea.

Dextrose After Workout: All Benefits Of Sugar After a Workout Explained

You might have often seen gym enthusiasts and bodybuilders eating sugar after a workout. Surely the sight would have left you confused. 

After all, all of us know how closely sugar is linked to obesity. Everyone is aware that it can cause diabetes. Why then would fitness freaks take sugar after a workout? It doesn't make any sense.

People spend hours toiling hard in the gym. Then, they let it all go down the drain with the intake of dextrose after the workout. Rest assured, don't worry if you have seen such people in your gym. 

This merely implies that your gym mates are well aware of the benefits of dextrose after a workout. Once you know more about it, you won't be able to help but indulge in something sweet after a strenuous and intense workout session. 

The Logic Of Eating Sugar After a Workout 

Think about it. Exercising is a lot of hard work that drains your body completely. It depletes the stored carbohydrates (glycogen) in your muscles that further contributes to the fatigue. At this point, your body is prepared to take up any nutrients that you offer it. 

Anything you ingest aids in repairing muscles and restoring glycogen stores. After all, there is a reason that so many sports drinks have sugar added to them. 

It is best to take in sugar in shakes after a workout. Let us explain why. For example, weight training is hard work. Your body is focused on increasing its size and strength. The muscles are under constant strain as you train. Thus, muscle mass will increase to adapt to the strain. 

This muscle mass also helps with creating a faster metabolism. When your workout damages your muscles, it needs instant rejuvenation. A nutrient-rich shake comprising of sugar and protein can give the muscles the much-needed boost. 

After an intense workout session, your body needs simple sugars alongside fast-absorbing protein. This prevents the breakdown of your muscles. Your body then instantly goes into repair and rebuild mode. Therefore, recovery time post workout is reduced. 

Simple sugar is ideal for this situation, and this is why dextrose should be your first choice. Ingesting dextrose after a workout raises insulin levels which increases nutrient uptake so that your muscles can instantly recover themselves. Without glycogen stores, your muscles will be unable to produce ATP rapidly enough to support an intense workout and will cause muscles to fatigue faster. As a result, your workout/performance will suffer and you will lack energy. Luckily, dextrose is readily available, making it the obvious choice of sugar post-workout.  

All Benefits Of Dextrose After Workout Explained

So by now, it's clear that eating sugar after a workout can be highly beneficial. Let us elaborate more on the advantages that you can attain by this simple step.

Fuel Your Muscles Through Sugar Post-Workout

Your body needs energy to able to have an effective workout. Therefore, it uses up the stored glycogen during your training sessions. Glycogen is a long chain of glucose molecules. These get broken down to provide energy to the whole body. Every organ needs this fuel to function optimally.

Most of the glycogen is stored in your muscles. Thus, it serves as an instant source of energy for the muscle cells. Intense workouts drain these reserves, so now your muscle cells don't have the fuel needed to repair and rebuild.

Thus, refuelling becomes imperative to make optimal gains. This is where the role of eating sugar after a workout comes into play. Dextrose is the fastest way to provide your body with its much-needed fuel. Since it is a simple sugar, it does not require a long time to digest. It is readily absorbed and used by the body.

A medium to intense workout for 45mins can burn around 40-50g of carbohydrates in the body. Keep in mind that the longer you work out, the more your body reserves gets drained. You don't want to drop from exhaustion after the workout. If you don't want to face a long recovery time, dextrose after workout is your best bet.

Enhanced Nutrient Uptake In Cells Due To Sugar After Workout

This can be considered among the most significant benefit of dextrose after workout. Your muscles are vulnerable after workouts. They need nutrients and fuel to repair and rebuild. During this phase, nutrients have to be transported around the body.

Everyone knows how invaluable insulin is in this movement of nutrients. Insulin initiates the recovery and rebuilding of muscle cells. To put it simply, your muscle tissue needs the nutrients in the bloodstream to rebuild. And this cannot be possible without insulin. If your body does not respond accordingly, your performance will suffer. 

This is where taking in dextrose after a workout comes in handy. This fast-digesting simple sugar raises the glucose levels in the bloodstream quickly. This sudden spike leads to the release of insulin. Thus, the transport of nutrients across the body speeds up. The rebuilding and refueling can commence quicker with the intake of dextrose. What more can athletes and bodybuilders want?

How To Reap The Maximum Benefits Of Dextrose After Workout

It's clear that having sugar after a workout is good for you. But how much sugar do you have? What would be the best way to take dextrose? And how much time do you have?

It is vital to know these things. Consuming sugar after a workout is not enough. You have to ensure that you consume it at the right time and have the relevant amounts.

It is advisable to add 1.5-2 times the grams protein in your shake post-workout. For instance, if your post-workout drink has 10 grams of whey protein, it should contain around 20 grams of dextrose.

Keep in mind that the optimal amount of dextrose that should be consumed after training for quick recovery is 35 to 40 grams. Prepare your shake accordingly.

One of the other great advantages of having sugar post-workout in your whey protein drink is that the taste will be improved. Drinking the unflavoured shake wouldn't seem such a challenge anymore since it would have the much-needed touch of sweetness.

Of course, you can take a complete meal to give your body everything it needs. But the problem is that you have a limited time frame wherein eating sugar after a workout would be beneficial. Research suggests that you should provide your body with the adequate nutrients it needs within 60 minutes of your workout for maximal effectiveness.

If you are working out at a gym, you may not have enough time to go home, make your meal and digest it in the desired time frame. In addition to this, taking a whole meal with you to the gym that has the precise nutrients may prove to be difficult. Thus, a shake is ideal. It will get the job done without any hassle. 

Furthermore, you can control the concentration of nutrients in your shakes to a large extent. The shake will provide your body with the nutrients instantly. No time will be wasted in the digestion process, and your body can get to rebuilding itself without further delay.

Is There Anyone Against Taking In Dextrose After a Workout?

Of course! A lot of people are against this measure of eating sugar after a workout. They feel it's a source of extra fat. They believe that the fat cells will get an ample supply of carbohydrates due to this step. Thus, losing weight would become impossible.

Some trainers opine that shakes with dextrose shouldn't be a part of the post-workout ritual. This will not allow them to burn fat faster. However, they fail to realise one thing. Your metabolism is at its peak following the workout. Thus, the chances of gaining fat during this period are next to none.

When you work out your muscles are under intense strain which breaks them down. Therefore, your priority should be to repair them as quickly as possible or this could lead to injuries and poor body health. 


If you want to make sure that your body recovers quickly and effectively after an intense workout session, adding sugar after a workout is advisable. 

There are too many benefits when adding dextrose to your drink after a workout. Your muscles need the energy at this point. Therefore, indulge in post-workout shakes with dextrose and fulfil your muscle cell requirements. 

You will be surprised at how energised you feel after the drink. And more importantly, how quickly you recover from a strenuous workout. Once consumed, you will be raring to go again in no time!